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Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Time?

We ship daily with our in house stock. Due to high demand, and possible slower shipping times by major carriers (Fed-X, DHL/UPS). Our goal is to ship out within +/- 3-14 days.

How long is the setup?

Once the device is plugged in, the system takes approximately 45 seconds to load for its first scan. For best results let the Thermal Camera acclimatize for approximately 20 minutes.

Is any interaction required to operate?

The Thermal Guard system is touchless and requires no interaction by an operator. A hands free/touch free for the user.

Can I rent the Thermal Guard system or pay for it over time?

Yes, we offer rentals and rental plans for large gathering, event venues, conventions etc. We can ship within 24hrs. In addition, we offer payment plans to reduce outlay. Please email us if interested.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, Thermal Guard comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Full support email and phone support with IT technical support.

Is it difficult to setup?

We made it North America ready with a plug and play system. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

What type of discounts are available?

Quantity tier discounts available from 5+ units.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

How accurate is the temperature reading?

Our system is extremely accurate for temperature reading with +/- 0.5 °F

How does the Thermal Guard display the scan results?

1. The Device 2. Software The screen will display the temperature as well as a green bar for pass or red if the temperature is above the set threshold. The scan results are also available using our back-end software.

How big is the Display?

We offer the largest display an 8" LCD crystal high-resolution display. Users can see their image and any alert notifications on the LARGE screen instantly! See specs sheet for more info.

How big is the unit?

Unit dimensions are 11.6" x 5.2" x 1". See specs sheet for more info

How does it scan for body temperature?

The unit scans body temperatures using all the areas of the face to calculate a proper temperature reading.

How does the card scan work?

The device supports NFC Mifare for card access. Users who prefer to scan their id card can tap the card near the NFC reader for identification and access.

What are the alerting options?

The Thermal Guard system alerts the user with multiple Alarm Options. Alarm for high temperature Alarm for not wearing a face mask Alarm for facial recognition Plus includes a strobe light, siren, a pop up on a local workstation. Alarm message will include Date, Time and Photo of person that has reported a high temperature or not wearing a mask.

Back-End Management Software?

For the purposes of security, the unit is managed over the LAN remotely by a Central Management Server (CMS) Application can installed on a PC or MAC. The CMS has powerful capabilities including, time-stamping employees, registering users for facial recognition, LIVE surveillance view. Security and temperature alerts from the devices can be displayed on the event management console for personnel to take action and be instantly emailed via push notifications.

Mounting & Installations?

Comes with 3 Stand Options Large Adult Stand Small Stand Table Top Stand Also available a Wall mount option. Perfect for airports, grocery stores, retails offices, gyms, factories, warehouses, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, government and any place to reduce the risk of illness.

NFC Card Reader Support

The Thermal Guard has NFC reader module inside, it supports NFC Mifare MF1 IC S50 CARD (ISO/IEC 14443A) 13.56Mhz card. How it works? When you register the card number for employees, and when employees approach with the card, The Thermal Guard unit will detect that person as an employee.

I am a distributor, how to get started with your company?

Contact us.

How does facial recognition work?

The facial recognition system uses biometrics to map facial features from a photograph that has been inputted in the Thermal Guard system. Wearing a mask, googles or hair covering face can decrease the algorithm, facial recognition works best with full face view.

Cold and hot weather readings

When taking temperature with a thermal camera the user must be acclimatized to the environment from hot or cold weather. Thermal cameras are reading the body temperature, therefor being acclimatized is recommended for proper temperature readings.

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